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 MISSION STATEMENT We are called to strengthen our faith and sent to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world.


The Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) is an international faith-based, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), granted Special Consultative Category II Status in 1985 in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The WMS is composed of over 800,000 members located across four continents in thirty-two countries. We are in the forefront of works of mission, at the head of the Church, operating from the highest level within each of twenty Episcopal Districts and reporting to every meeting of the General and Annual Conferences.


As the Women’s representational entity of the AMEC nationally and worldwide, the WMS has a record of 131 years of service committed to winning souls to Christ, health, economic, peace and justice issues. The WMS hosts an annual conference at the United Nations every October at which members of the various agencies and components of the United Nations offer workshops and seminars on current global issues. The WMS has established a Foundation to support education through scholarships and social and economic development for the diversified constituencies we are privileged to serve.

Our Work

Coordinate and unify the work of our mission structure, by establishing and supporting organizations and units to carry out God's mission in the church, the society and the world.


Build and maintain an intergenerational community of caring women, fostering relationships and encounters between the Connectional, Episcopal, Conference and Local organizations and other women's organizations.


Develop responsible and visionary leadership through training and experience.


Provide for flexible structures, so that groups may determine the structure and programs most appropriate and workable in their church.


Provide education and training that inspire and motivate members to witness for the global mission community.


Create and utilize training and development to equip and inspire members to participate in advocacy for justice and peace, human rights, the oppressed and voiceless, women, children and the elderly.


Provide for the development and distribution of written, printed and electronic resources and periodicals.


Work collaboratively with other women's organizations and other groups ecumenically and globally on peace and justice issues.


Create and maintain an archival database and repository of information for the organization.


Develop networks for communication within the organization and among women ecumenically and globally.


Develop and maintain a comprehensive financial support system for the organization and administration of financial resources necessary for the fulfillment of the responsibilities and mission of the organization.


Plan and evaluate programs and other activities of the organization.

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