In the wake of Hurricane Harvey along with damaging tornadoes, catastrophic rain and flooding in the Texas southern region, the 10th Episcopal District is organized to provide recovery assistance. We are soliciting funds to purchase gift cards for victims of this disaster. The people in the affected areas can then purchase needed food, clothing, hygiene products, repair materials, medicines, personal products, school uniforms and supplies.


Send monetary donations and gift cards to the 10th Episcopal District office, 4347 S. Hampton Rd., Suite 245. Dallas, Texas 75232. (214) 333-2632. Make checks payable to the 10th District AMEC, Disaster Relief on the memo line. You'll will be able to donate online through our website later this week.


Please do not send clothes. But, for those who are sending water, diapers, baby products, personal hygiene products or cleaning supplies you can send to our two staging areas in San Antonio:


Bethel AME Church

225 North Swiss Street

San Antonio, Texas 78202

Dr. Raymond Bryant, pastor, Relief Chair


Emmanuel AME Church

1600 Semlinger Road

San Antonio, Texas 78220

Rev. Carl Garmon, pastor


Distribution church sites have been identified in the Houston and Galveston areas. Those locations will be announced once the rain has stopped and flood waters recede to be sure we have clear safe access for residents and volunteers.


Recovery takes time. You can help with a gift today that will help make tomorrow better.


By the Grace of God,

Team Texas

Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie


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